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Meet Charlotte Dietz

Transformational Coach for Conscious Living
Children's Advocate and Holistic Educator

Charlotte Dietz lives by her imagination and her heart.  She loves encouraging and sparking magic in others, reminding them that they are perfect and they are love.  Charlotte’s favorite places are found in nature, where she feels most at home.  While exploring different environments, whether swimming in a river, sitting beneath a tree, running through a field or garden, the entire world slows down.  She feels more comfortable and more filled with joy on each visit, practicing growth in mindfulness and awareness.  Charlotte enjoys sharing her experience with others, while encouraging the expansion of all extrasensory abilities.  She enjoys observing herself throughout each life situation for soul growth and limitless learning.  Every day, we can notice more; we can grow in gratitude; we can experience joy.  Above all else, Charlotte is a lover of this journey we call life.


Why Live Life from a Holistic Mindset?

It can help you with ...

Nervous System 

Practices activate and allow the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve to slow the heart rate, and support the body's rest and digest.


Practices support the natural regulation of the way the body uses energy, improves blood circulation, boosts vitality.  They are designed to enhance and refill the body with energy. 


Practices are designed to cleanse, clear  blocked zones, compress vital organs and support blood flow, intended to remove physical as well as spiritual toxicities.

Total Health and Wellness

Every practice has been studied and designed for complete transformation of all areas of your life.  Together they address all areas of health and wellness: mental, emotional, physical, energetic, electromagnetic, spiritual, etc.

Boundaries + Beliefs

Practices strengthen your feminine and masculine polarities, allowing you to bring in all aspects of yourself, claiming your power and feeling unstoppable as the God/Dess you are.

Stress + Happiness

Practices support self soothing, calming effects, relaxation response, balance, all modulating the stress response system and bringing more happiness into our lives.


"I have both witnessed and been the recipient of Charlotte’s many cosmic gifts. As the witness, I have seen how kids light up and feel seen around her, and how this enables them to grow into strong self-esteem and self expression.

And personally, I have received clarity and pure loving energy, and even received an activation in my dreams, that Charlotte was holding space for in her higher form! Char-light is a great name for her. She is so full of love... I have often said that she is one of the most authentic people I know.

A session with Charlotte will activate your childlike essence- your play, purity, and truth. I recommend being connected with this multidimensional being!"

— Allison Holley, Arkansas, USA