Massage + Bodywork + Energywork
(all modalities)

Look here for descriptions of what each type of work is about and/or the outcomes many people feel while receiving and participating.

Shoulder Massage

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Dry Brushing, Energy Work, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Deactivation, Chakra Balancing, Drumming & Singing Bowls, Angelic Healing, Higher Self Treatments, Light Codes, Trance Meditation, Healing with the Fairies and Elementals, Floorwork, Stretch Sessions, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tantric Practice, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Crystal Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, and a "Therapeutic Massage" is anything listed here.  We will meet and discover which is best for you.

All Offerings

Just a little list of everything!

All my massage work is through Panache or Eagle Day Spa.  In my own free time I will offer anything that is esoteric or woo woo in character.  But any of these listed modalities can be offered at either location:

Eagle Day Spa: Wednesday and Friday from 9-3, 2nd and 4th Saturday from 9-4

                            Location: Eagle, Idaho; Telephone: 208-939-1901

Panache (Boise): Tuesday and Thursday from 12-6, 1st and 3rd Saturday from 9-6

                                Location: Boise, Idaho; Telephone: 208-377-3300

My Schedule

Swedish Techniques

Swedish Techniques are a light to medium pressure.  It is lovely for circulating blood flow, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, healing joint pain, releasing muscle tension, deepening relaxation and brain waves.  It consists of long strokes, "kneading" the muscle, compression and friction in shorter strokes and across the fibers, sometimes tapping, and sometimes rocking the body or a specific segment. 

Swedish Technique can be combined with Aromatherapy (infusion of scent - you choose the essential oils based on your need), Reflexology (targeting points on the hands, feet, and ears that correlate to the organs and systems of the entire body), Dry Brushing (circulating flow both physical and energetic with the support of a brush throughout the integumentary system), any mode of Energy Work (targeting movement of the cells and systems of the body through intention and imagination), and Reiki (targeting the life force within the cells and amplifying or moving energy to different tissues and organs) 

Deep Tissue Techniques

Deep Tissue Techniques with Charlotte are a mixture of a few modalities:

-Swedish: at a deeper pressure (5 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 is our target range)

-Myofascial Release: lengthening, stretching, loosening the fascia lines of the body.  Here we are specifically working with the connective tissue that holds our bodies together, the fascia, relieving tightness and supporting the neuromuscular system to loosen, relax, and restore.

-Trigger Point Deactivation: this is what most people are thinking of when they speak of "knots" in their muscles.  These are places of neurological event, caused from repeated movement, and we can support the release of these tense spaces using direct pressure, deep tissue tools, and short small deep strokes.

This massage will be a mixture of all these techniques, or you can ask for one specifically.

EnergyWork Techniques

Charlotte is what we call a channel, and she practices many Energy Work Techniques.  Energy work uses intention and imagination to move energy throughout the body as needed.  Sessions begin by checking in and feeling into the body.  From here, option 1 is practicing one or more techniques as it presents itself/comes up appropriate for the session.  Option 2 is to decide which modes of healing you would like to try before arriving.

Options may be: Reiki (targeting the life force within the cells to activate the body's self healing system), Chakra Balancing (feeling into each chakra and determining where energy flows, where it is low, and balancing all centers to operate optimally), Drumming & Singing Bowls (helps with chakra balancing, drumming form foot to head releases stagnant energy, softly by the head activates theta brain waves, around the client's body supports a strong aura, and more), Angelic Healing (using specific colors and angel rays to relive tension and heal the body naturally), Higher Self Treatments (working with intention and speaking to that which is greater than us, we send energy into the body and activate it's natural healing capability), Light Codes (dancing over the body with mudras, symbols, sacred geometry, allowing this "language" to uninhibitedly flow through), Trance Meditation (While working on the head and neck, entering deep meditative states where energy flows through easily and uninhibited), Healing with the Fairies and Elementals (calling upon specific aspects of nature to help us create treatments for the body).

FloorWork Sessions

When it comes to Floorwork, there is a lot we can do!  For these sessions we use a squishy thai floor mat suited for our needs,  Practice may include: Stretch Sessions (Therapist assisted stretching using holding, active and passive resistance), Shiatsu (Working with the meridian lines of the body, pushing and pulling on our energy lines until they are open and expressing unrestricted flow), Thai Massage (a mixture of stretching, breathwork, and energywork that looks as if we are "dancing" with the body), Tantric Practice (very similar to thai massage, with an increased focus in energy flow and ecstatic movement; a purely present moment), and any other form of Energywork not yet mentioned (can be performed floor or table).  We also use the floor mat to enter the subconscious while practicing Intuitive Innervation and Subconscious Reprogramming, of which is a mixture of bodywork and the hypnogagic state.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is one of my favorite ways to support our bodies, as to me it is where energywork meets the physical body.  Using my physical hands and knowledge of the body's watersheds, I run them slowly up and down your body, sometimes twisting my hands, which moves the lymph through the cells to be redistributed throughout the body.  We cannot see a cell, this smallest organic particle, but we can feel them as the lymph slides through!  This massage can be infused with Swedish or Reiki if desired and is restorative and healing.  MLD supports the release of swollen tissue and buildup fluid in the body..

Crystal and Stone Therapies

Both Crystal Therapy and Hot Stone Therapy uses stones to support the body's relaxation, stress release, and restorative abilities.  Both use knowledge of Sacred Geometry, Meridian lines, Nadis, and Tsubo points.  Stones are placed on the body and remain in place for some time while the body is worked on, with mostly Swedish technique, and choice of pressure is up to you.  The hot stones open up the blood vessels and increase flow, allowing us to work out deep tension and buildup of stress within the body.  The crystals each have their own distinctive properties and can be chosen and used to support specific organs, chakras, energy channels, and more.  People who enjoy being esoteric can end a session as a human mandala and simply feel ... completely supported as you are.