SoulRest Revival Tantric Energywork

Bodywork for channeling the Goddess

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $155
  • Charlotte's Studio, West Downtown Boise, or Zoom

Service Description

Charlotte is an open channel, and when her hands touch the hearts and bodies of her clients, compassion and neutral divine feminine love flows through. Many say this feels like platonic feminine love. I say it is because I am allowing the Goddess and Spirit to flow through and direct my movement entirely and Souly for your individual needs. During these sessions, (one to two hours), we play with the Sensual and the Life Force energy, all Elements and the Soul's Frequency, allowing it to move and activate and heal our bodies. Charlotte listens to the body and intuitively moves as directed by Spirit - sometimes this looks like pressing and pulling and breathing with the meridians, sometimes this looks like melting our energies together, sometimes reiki and energywork, sometimes stretching or fascia release or sometimes long deep strokes or soft gentle nerve strokes, sometimes the parasympathetic nervous system and a restorative energy, sometimes an invigorating kundalini recharge, sometimes like shiatsu or thai, etc. I am literally "dancing with the body" and moving as directed by my connection to You and The All That Is. Options are: Floormat (comfortable pants or shorts), Table (sheet drape), or Earthing (we go outside; fully clothed) The room will be specially set up for you as you arrive, surrounded by candles, cleared, intended to honor you and your connection. We will always sit on our floor mat first and discuss what we would like to work on. If you would like to begin with a rapeh ceremony to deepen your experience, let me know. We will choose a sitting practice, such as eye gazing or pulling cards or speaking invocations and intentions and as we are ready, we will transfer into the full body work. Choosing the table or the floor mat, lying prone or supine, you can become still, open, receptive. If we choose the floor, we wear loose comfortable clothing like a thai massage. If we choose the table, personal choice is available like a regular massage and draping is very minimal, or up to your comfort zone. We breathe together, you feel and enter introspection, parasympathetic turns on, our energies melt together as I become a transparent flow for you to flow through. In Person offering only; Investment is $155

Contact Details

(208) 850-9284