Massage + Bodywork + Energywork

Refilling yourself with Love and Compassion; take care of your avatar!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Depends: $95 - 120
  • Bodo Chiropractic or North Boise Studio

Service Description

This tab is for all regular massage (I am a LMT), bodywork, energy healing, higher self treatments that I offer: let me know which modality you are looking for when you register and I will prepare directly for that. When you book a regular old massage, I feel very comfortable including most all soft tissue manipulation, meaning: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Techniques (including Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Deactivation), Therapeutic Massage, Floorwork (Thai and Shiatsu) and each session ends with frequencies and light codes/soul codes flying through ... for YOU!  You will experience this most likely as a deeply relaxed state as you will most likely go into your theta or delta brain waves and your parasympathetic nervous system will turn on - feeling relaxed and held.  This includes all ages and life transitions: babies and children, prenatal, postnatal, crone, all life stages. Add-ons have been created via techniques that require me to expend more energy.  More energy and work = additional energy exchange!  The add-ons I offer are:  *Energy Work + Reiki  *Trance Meditation + Channeling  *Chakra Balancing  *Hot Stones (entire treatment or focused space)  *Manual Lymphatic Drainage  *Aromatherapy  - These are $20 each ((And coming soon is a Crystal Massage using round and tumbled crystals:)) All my massage work is through Bodo Chiropractic or a space I rent out in North Boise. And if you're looking to dive deeper into the Spiritual-Metaphysical-Esoteric, check out the other offerings as these are more mainstream. -Bodo: Tuesday 2-6pm, Wed/Fri/Sat 9-3pm *Call the office, (208) 342-7136 to book a session -North Boise: Thursday 12-8pm, Sun/Mon as my schedule allows *Call me to book at (208) 850-9284 -Price is $95 per hour, $110 for 75 minutes, $120 for 90 minutes.

Contact Details

(208) 850-9284