Shadow Work + the Deep Self

Doing the dirty work to become a more joyful playful conscious creator

  • 2 hours
  • $175-800
  • Online and In Person, Idaho

Service Description

As we begin to ascend from the 3rd to the 4th density, and then once again from the 4th to the 5th .......... our patterns of behavior no longer serving our growth are exposed. Our unresolved traumas are raw and open wounds. The ways we are creating from the deepest parts of our Creator Self want to be looked at, reassessed, and entered in New ways. As a child, we had to look around and make sense of our world. We created statements of understanding for all we saw. We copied patterns of behavior from those surrounding us, and we continued them ... potentially you are continuing them still. Sometimes these behaviors are really helpful, such as equanimity and kindness, and sometimes they are very unhelpful. Unfortunately, without transforming these behaviors, our entire reality will be clouded with old energies. The deepest parts of us have to say YES to our conscious creations for them to be successful. I want to help you expand, transform, grow beyond, and say YES. I am a dreamwalker, as well as when I was little (3 to 5 years old) I learned how to enter any human reality to see if it was safe for me. I didn't feel safe and this was my deep self solution. And if it wasn't enjoyable ... I would change it. I have had to continuously work on energy boundaries and realize that is not my responsibility. This has led me to walk through many hell realms, and for about five months of my life I literally felt like I was on fire. The golden shadow of my shadow is that now I have a set of tools to help people as they awaken and open through their shadows and into the 5th. It can even be fun; like shadow dancing and shadow play. Options are for one session with me where we will discuss and talk about what is happening, followed by the practices that will be most helpful for that moment. Each session is about two hours, and costs a sliding scale of $175 to 250. Option to purchase a package of 5 sessions for a breakthrough is available for $800.

Contact Details

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